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Home Hair Removal is Permanent

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Women With Smooth LegsAdvantages of an at home hair remover are mostly cost and convenience. No more paying for doctor or spa visits and you can use your laser as often as you like, anywhere you like for permanent hair removal. You are in total control of your hair removal schedule.

You can remove hair from several areas of your body at home for the cost of a single laser treatment with an at home laser. Woman say at home hair removers are the answer for fast, easy and permanent hair removal.

Today’s hand held lasers use either IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or actual lasers to remove hair (See IPL vs Laser Hair Removers).

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“At home laser hair removers really work.They have few side effects and hair removal is permanent!”

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How Do Home Laser Hair Removers Work?

Just like the laser your doctor uses, personal hair removers rely on a diode laser or high intensity flash tube to send a concentrated pulse of light through the skin to the hair follicle. The pigment in the follicle absorbs the light which is converted to heat. It is the heat that causes damage to the follicle. Repeated applications eventually kill the follicle resulting in permanent hair removal.

The caveat with home laser hair removers is your skin tone can’t be too dark or your hair color too light. Lasers act on pigment in the hair follicle. If your skin tone is too dark, the laser may not penetrate the skin and can cause a “sunburn” type skin reaction. If your hair is too light, the follicle will not have enough pigment to absorb the light energy.


Hair & Skin Color Chart

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

Although uncommon, there are side effects associated with laser/IPL hair removal.

Skin irritation: Temporary discomfort, swelling or redness are possible after use. Tingling, a “mild sunburn” like irritation and dry skin are also possible. Signs and symptoms disappear within a few hours.

Pigment change: Laser and IPL use may temporarily lighten or darken the treatment area. Skin lightening affects those with darker skin and is often seen when the hair remover is used at too high a setting for your skin tone.

Conveniently, all of today’s laser hair removers have adjustable power settings allowing you to set the intensity according to your skin and hair type to avoid irritation. Following the instructions included with your system to prevent side effects.



Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Before & After Using LaserAt home laser hair removal treatments are permanent with repeated applications. If you have light skin and dark hair, permanent results will be seen sooner than those with dark skin and light hair.

Keep in mind that although hair will not regrow once the follicle has died, new follicles may produce hair in the future requiring a re-application. Hair that does reappear will grow more slowly and be much finer than normal.

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