Top 3 Laser Hair Removers

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Best Laser Hair Removers 2020

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Tria Laser 4X $239-$449

Tria Laser 4XThe Tria Laser 4X Hair Remover is a gorgeous combination of technology and ergonomic design.

It comes complete with a sleek, white carrying case, charger and skin tone sensor. Also included in the package are complete and easy to understand instructions along with FAQ guide.

Tria has 5 power settings so you can adjust the intensity of the laser to suit your hair color and skin tone. This allows you to apply a precision laser treatment with absolutely no discomfort.

Prices start at $239 for Tria Laser Precision Mini & $449 for Tria 4X Full Size

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Silk’n Flash & Go Express IPL $199-$299

Silk'n Flash & GoThe Silk’n Flash & Go Laser Hair Remover is clinically proven to be effective at the permanent removal of all types of body hair.

The Silk’n Flash & Go laser uses Home Pulsed Light Technology (HPL) to create a completely safe, easy to use hair removal system. It provides a lifetime of personal treatments at a fraction of the cost of visiting your physicians office.

5 power settings allow you to adjust the intensity of the laser to suit your hair color and skin tone. The System comes with the Silk’n instructional DVD, quick start guide, user manual, 4 replacement lamp cartridges, and power cord.

Prices start at $199 for the Silk’n Flash & Go Compact and $299 for the Flash & Go Express

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Venus Silk Expert IPL $319

Venus Silk Expert IPLThe Venus Silk Expert is designed after the Laser Systems used by professional salons. It uses the same technology as the Silk’n Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which is clinically proven to provide permanent hair removal.

Venus Silk Expert uses the SensoAdapt skin tone sensor that automatically adjusts light intensity for your hair color and skin tone ensuring you the right light intensity for the safest, most effective treatment.

The Venus IPL is the fastest of all the IPL style units allowing you to treat a leg or arm in approximately 8 minutes.

Prices start at $299 for the Gillette Venus Silk Expert

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